Release Date : 22/09/1976
Soundtrack : Pierre Bachelet
Script : Jean-Jacques Annaud - Georges Cochon
Awards : Oscar of Best Foreign Language Picture (USA).

January 1915. A small French colonial community lives peacefully on the border of Cameroon and the Ubangi. It has no idea that the Great War has broken out in Europe. When news from the front arrives, it stimulates the randy jingoistic racists’ patriotic emotions. They decide to attack a German post manned by just 3 soldiers. The ragtag army gathers around a chauvinistic sergeant (Jean Carmet), 2 White Fathers, and greedy & drunk shopkeepers (including Jacques Dufilho). The young pacifist geographer (Jacques Spiesser) is the only one to oppose the revenge hysterics, but without success. The commanders forcibly recruit a battalion of "volunteer" villagers as cannon fodder to confront the enemy. ”A bitterly ironic film about the stupidity of men and the idiocy of mobilizations, about the abuse of profit and the thirst for power... " (France-Soir). "It charms us with its wry intelligence and well-aimed wit" (The Wall Street Journal). "A quite perfect film. It deserves the attention of those who value originality, excellence and meaning in the movies" (New York Post).