Release Date : 16/12/1981
Soundtrack : Philippe Sarde
Script : Gérard Brach
Awards : César Awards for Best Film and César for Best Director (France). Genie Awards for Best Actress, Best Costume Design, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing, Best Overall Sound (Canada) - British Academy Award for Best Makeup and Hairstyling (England) - BAFTA Award winner for Best Makeup - Academy Award winner for Best Makeup and Hairstyling (USA) .

In the Stone Age, the Ulams are Homo Sapiens who know how to preserve fire but not how to make it. They are attacked by the Wagabous, a horde of Neanderthals. During the fight, the fire that allows them to resist the elements is extinguished. Three young warriors, Naoh (Everett McGill), Amoukar (Ron Perlman) and Gaw (Nicholas Kadi) set out to seek the magic flame. Their journey lasts 9 months and pits them against the perils of the world. They meet Ika (Rae Dawn Chong), a young Ivaka who knows how to make fire and will pass her knowledge on to the Ulams. She also introduces Naoh to a more refined form of mating. Together, they discover love. " A unique view of a time before history or words. It is as educational as it is fascinating..." (New York Post).