HOT HEAD (1979)

Release Date : 14/02/1979
Soundtrack : Pierre Bachelet
Script : Francis Veber - Alain Godard
Awards : César Award of Best Supporting Actor for Jean Bouise (France).

27 year old François Perrin (Patrick Dewaere) plays soccer every Sunday. A loud-mouth, he is kicked out of the Trincamp team by club president Sivardière (Jean Bouise), who also fires him from his factory. He is depressed. In the meantime, a player from the team is involved in the rape of Stéphanie (France Dougnac). François is scapegoated and ends up in prison. The small Trincamp team reaches the finals of the French Cup, but a last minute incident deprives them of a player. The club president has François released: he needs him as a backup in this decisive match. Furious, François refuses to play the role of the filler. He escapes, determined to rape his alleged victim for good, but Stephanie realizes her mistake. She encourages him to return to the match. The miracle happens: François scores 2 goals. The former pariah becomes a hero and takes this opportunity to set the record straight and get revenge in his own way. "The cynicism of this film bridges the years with a pleasantly disturbing ease..." ( L’Équipe).