Release Date : 25/02/2015
Soundtrack : James Horner
Script : Jean-Jacques Annaud - Alain Godard - Wei Lu - John Collee
Awards : Golden Rooster Award & People Hundred Flowers Award for Best Film (China) - Moscow International Film Festival Jury Award (Russia) - Prague Film Festival Kristian Award (Czech Republic) - International Bif&st Award for Best Director (Italy) - CineMerit Award Filmfest München - Best Director at the Macau International Movie Festival (Macau) - Golden Lotus Award Best Picture & Tiantian Award for Best director (China).

Student Chen Zhen (Feng Shaofeng), originally from Beijing, is sent to Inner Mongolia in 1969. His mission: to educate a tribe of nomadic herdsmen, with the help of his comrade Yang Ke (Shawn Dou). However, the young man quickly realizes he is the one with a lot to learn in this beautiful and remote region. He discovers community life, freedom and responsibility. And the wolves, these sacred creatures with which the shepherds maintain a complex and mystical bond. Seduced and naive, he captures a cub in order to tame it. However, the nascent relationship between man and animal is quickly threatened. As are the traditional way of life and the future of the environment, preserved until now. A regional representative of the central authority just decided to eliminate all the wolves in the region... "Between elation and sadness, the film brilliantly blends initiatory narrative, spiritual fable and historical fresco" (La Croix). "A tense, exciting, sometimes breathtaking film. A tour de force" (Le Point).