Release Date : 07/04/2004
Soundtrack : Stephen Warbeck
Script : Alain Godard - Jean-Jacques Annaud
Awards : Genesis Award for Best Foreign Motion Picture of the Year 2005 (USA).

Two brothers born in the heart of the Cambodian jungle play in the forgotten ruins of an Angkor temple, under the benevolent protection of the moss-eaten Buddhas. These 2 tiger-cubs frolic and grow beside their attentive parents. Unfortunately, the blooming siblings are torn apart. Brutally separated upon the arrival of a former hunter (Guy Pearce) who has turned to looting sacred statues. The 1st tiger is captured to become a circus attraction under the name of Kumal. The 2nd is adopted by the son (Freddie Highmore) of a colonial administrator (Jean-Claude Dreyfus) who names him Sangha. The 2 brothers now face 2 different destinies, far from their original nature. They will reconnect as adults, when men will force them into an unexpected confrontation. "Emotions in the eyes, raw feelings, sheer romanticism...(Première). "A generous, humanistic film, full of humour, tenderness and emotion" (Le Parisien). "The best Family Film of the Year" (WNBC-TV).