Release Date : 10/10/2007
Soundtrack : Javier Navarrete
Script : Jean-Jacques Annaud - Gérard Brach

Half-man, half-pig, Minor (José Garcia) is a mute orphan who lives on an ancient and imaginary island in the Aegean Sea. This blessed fool takes it easy in the warmth of his pigsty, alongside his favorite sow. In the enchanted forest, the God Pan (Vincent Cassel) introduces him to the pleasures of the flesh. Minor then falls in love with Clytia (Mélanie Bernier), the Patriarch’s (Jean-Luc Bideau) daughter, who is promised to the poet Karkos. Unfortunately, Minor kills himself shortly afterwards by falling from the olive tree he climbed to spy on her... Magically resurrected, Minor can now speak. The amazed community discovers that not only is the village idiot back from the dead, he is also exceptionally eloquent. Following the soothsayer’s advice, Minor is crowned king: trouble begins. “Both farcical yet scholarly, free of pedantry and filled, above all, by a desire to have fun (...) The truculence and virtuosity of the dialogues fill us with happiness..." (Le Journal du Dimanche).