Release Date : 17/10/1986
Soundtrack : James Horner
Script : Gérard Brach
Awards : César Award for Best Foreign Film (France) - René Clair Award at David Di Donatello for Best Art Direction (Italy) - Bambi Award for Best Film - Deutscher Filmpreis Award for Best Art Direction - Silver Award for Outstanding Feature Film at the German Film Awards - Golden Screen Award - Jupiter Award (Germany).

In the year 1327, the monks of a Benedictine abbey mysteriously disappear. Every day brings a new corpse. The Abbot asks the Franciscan sage William of Baskerville (Sean Connery) and his novice Adso von Melk (Christian Slater) to investigate. At the same time, a delegation of the Papacy and Franciscan brothers arrive in the monastery to discuss Christ's poverty. The dispute is theoretical, but conceals a virulent rebellion against the all-powerful Church. The presence of the Dominican Inquisitor Bernardo Gui (F. Murray Abraham), cruel destroyer of Heresy, complicates the task of his long-time rival, William. Fear takes hold in the fortress’ labyrinth and its immense library. Who is innocent, who is guilty? A film of breathless suspense, a captivating thriller... (Télé 7 Jours). "A international success, a heroic and impossible bet that is magnificently won" (Le Monde).